The Lac de Montbel located between Mirepoix and Lavelanet is an exceptional site.

Built for irrigation, this lake has proven to be a prime attraction for lovers of nature and outdoors activities. Diverse landscapes, rich flora and fauna attract walkers, sportsmen and vacationers.
Three riverside communities surround the Lake: Léran in the west, Chalabre in the east on a small part (Aude) and Montbel in the north.
The vegetation :
Stands and thickets of various species coexist, sheltering many qualities of flowers. Some views are reminiscent of Canadian landscapes, but a few islets in contrast would evoke Africa, when the water lowers in late summer.
Wildlife :
An observatory has been set up by the Association of Naturalists of the Ariège, in order to better understand and observe the many birds that cohabit on this site.
The fish species are also very varied and the large predators (carp, catfish, etc.) give to the Lake a good reputation for European audiences.
The exceptional site of Lake Montbel and its vast area (1408 acres) are assets for aquatic relaxation, boating, family or sport hiking, fishing, bird watching. Tourist facilities in Léran and Montbel provide hospitality and leisure activities.

The Ganguise dam lake (1200 acres) is located in the Aude department.

Sailing enthusiasts can go there when the Autan wind is blowing moderately. During the windy days, the sailboats will let the place to windsurfers. Indeed, the Autan wind can blow very hard in the axis of the lake and generate small waves enjoyed by the windsurfers. The Ganguise sailing club affiliated to the FFV will allow you to rent catamarans, dinghies, canoes or even windsurf. Monitors can assist and supervise you.